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At Ecomaldon we only use the best components in our installations, we have chosen the Panasonic brand for our Air to Air heat pumps mainly because this air to air heat pump will fight agianst bacteria, virus's, mold and pollen allergen.


Ecomaldon is voted No3 for the best Climate Control Systems in Essex.

Panasonic Head

Panasonic Evaporator

Econavi features an in-built human activity sensor and a new sunlight detection technology to adjust output thereby giving you the best comfort at anytime whilst saving energy. Econavi not only optimizes air flow orientation and volume according to human presence, it also reduces cooling power automatically by no/less sunshine. With Econavi, energy savings of up to 38% are possible, whilst increasing your comfort. Furthermore, the Nanoe-G revolutionary air-purifying system utilises nano technology fine particles to remove and deactivate 99% of both airborne and adhesive micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and mould.

Energy Saving Features When Using A Climate Control System.

1) Temperature Wave – Rhythmic temperature-controlled pattern to save energy without sacrificing your comfort.
2) Area Search – Directs airflow to wherever you are in the room. By detecting changes in human movements and reduces the waste of cooling or heating unoccupied area of the room.
3) Activity Detection – Adapts cooling power to your daily activities. By detecting changes in the activity levels it reduces the waste of cooling/heating with unnecessary power.
4) Absence Detection – Reduces cooling power when you are not around. By detecting human absence in the room it can reduce cooling/heating power to conserve energy rather than using it on a completely unoccupied room.
5) Sunlight Detection – Adjusts cooling/heating power upon detection in change of sunlight intensity.

Climate Control Systems For Conservatories:


Our Climate Control Systems are the ideal way to heat and cool your conservatory system.


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